Your British London escort doesn’t want to know you that well!

britDon’t get us wrong here, of course, she wants to get to know you, that’s the whole idea of a date right? But she doesn’t want your private telephone numbers and she doesn’t want to arrange to meet up with you outside of your booking…

We often write a post like this to remind those would be Romeos out there that they’re not going to fall in love and marry a British London escort. Well, to tell the truth, it does happen from time to time, but this is a very rare occurrence indeed! The object of your British London escort date is to have a good time. Two consenting adults spending the evening together, doing whatever they both agree they want to do. This does not involve discussing plans to run away to the Bahamas together and get married! We understand that you’re a romantic, but these girls are professionals. More than likely as not they’re going to be interested in you professionally. Of course, they’ll like you, they’ll genuinely have fun, but this is no basis on which to plan the rest of your life gents!

So a little list of what not to do:

  • Don’t ask for her number
  • Don’t ask for her address
  • Don’t ask her any personal details
  • Don’t give her any of the above about yourself either

Let’s keep it all strictly above board, and this way everyone will be happy. We’ll be happy because we’ve put you in touch with the girl of your dreams and we’ll get paid, she’ll be happy because she’ll be out and about or at least in the company of man who adores her, and she’ll get paid. More important than that is of course that the British London escort you have booked, will no doubt have made you feel enormously happy! And this is the whole point, so let’s not muddy the water, so to speak!

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