What not to say to a British London escort

Well, we’re sure you can think of plenty of things to say to your British London escort, but have you given any thought to just what you should never say?

Tell them all the things they want to hear, and you can count on them doing most of the things you want them to do! So it’s a two-way street you see. Now, say the wrong things to your British London escort, and you can count on not having a very good time; or as a worse case, you’ll be thrown out, or she will leave!

Here’s what to look out for

So here we go. There aren’t many things you can’t say to a British London escort, but these things are vitally important if you don’t want to upset them:

Wouldn’t you like to have a real career?

If this isn’t insulting, we don’t know what is. Assuming that your British London escort doesn’t actually have a real career as an escort is a big mistake. It’s disrespectful and quite frankly ignorant. Virtually all British London escorts are in this line of work because they want to be. It’s a perfectly valid career choice, and they love doing it. They don’t need you to help them get what you think is a “real” job. Hell, they’re probably earning more than you anyway!

I respect you, even though you’re an escort

Don’t ever think that your British London escort needs your approval in this way. These women should have your respect anyway, simply because it’s the right thing to do. You respect the women you work with, your female friends and any other women you meet, and you don’t feel the need to tell them that you respect them. So don’t make this mistake with an escort.

I usually book slimmer escorts

Well, it could be anything really. Escorts with bigger boobs, taller escorts etc. It doesn’t matter. The fact is that what you’re saying to your British London escort is that you’d rather have someone else and that there’s something about them that you’re not all that excited about. Not a good thing to say!

So watch your step there gents… Be respectful and listen to what we tell you!

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